Ashley's Testimonial

Wonderful, extremely qualified staff and beautiful facility!


Catina's Testimonial

“Inspiration has helped me with my anxiety through arts and crafts.”

– Catina

Laura's Testimonial

Inspiration Day Treatment has a professional caring and educated staff to work diligently for each individual client according to the client’s needs. Inspiration Day Treatment works closely with NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill). Inspiration Day Treatment offers education of mental illness and daily skills to assist the mentally ill client in society on a daily basis.  


Tonya's Testimonial

“They inspire me to do better, to help others in need. They also help me with my addiction.”

– Tonya

April's Testimonial

“Inspiration has taught me to deal with my mental illness. They put me under their wings.”

– April

Jay's Testimonial

“After 9 years of treatment, Inspiration has been the only one for me.”

– Jay

Tiarra's Testimonial

“This is a nice place to come to. This is like my extended family. I enjoy coming to group and talking to my therapists. I enjoy being around different people. I enjoy the staff. They are really nice and helpful! I love that I can see the doctor and they are helpful if I need to switch medications.”

– Tiarra

Mechele's Testimonial

“Thank God for Inspiration. For the three years I’ve been coming here I’ve been sober. I’ve finally got it! Thank you, Inspiration!”

– Mechele

Monique's Testimonial

“Inspiration Day Treatment is pretty cool! The Peer Council is very helpful. You can go and talk to them about anything. I love coming to see the people.”

– Monique

Katherine's Testimonial

“Inspiration inspires me- the more I come the better I get.”

– Katherine

Vernice's Testimonial

“They inspire me to go out and get a job. They inspire me to use my coping skills. They inspire me to be my best!”

– Vernice

Pearl's Testimonial

“Inspiration staff, all staff, make us feel like somebody.”

– Pearl

Karen's Testimonial

They have the most beautiful offices and the staff is caring and kind.  They offered us the right program to help with our needs.  


Alex's Testimonial

“I like this program because we do a lot of stuff. I love the building and being with my peers.”

– Alex

Tammy's Testimonial

They have the best experienced staff of Mental Health Professionals to help with individual, group and family therapy.


Maurice's Testimonial

“It is a very educational program. They will help you learn more about your mental illness and medication.”

– Maurice

Cassandra's Testimonial

“I like the kindness of the caseworkers and the therapists. I also like the nurses. They are very helpful!”

- Cassandra

Shirley's Testimonial

“They are my family and friends. I have a place here.”

– Shirley

Anonymous Testimonial

Hands-on, caring staff that fine tunes treatment to suit the need of each client and the group as a whole.